Chris Rio

Chris Rio

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When he was 15, Chris wrote his very first song. Five years later, right after graduating university, he debuted at number 6 on the overall albums chart and number 2 on the pop albums iTunes chart in Nigeria with his pre-order, “Unveiled:The EP”. Visibly talented, he is also passionately creative. The strength of his artistry lies in his ability to write soul-searching lyrics onto catchy melodies that can make you “think and turn-up” simultaneously.

Chris grew up listening to Usher, Michael Jackson, Ron Kenoly, Lucky Dube & Westlife to name a few, and his style of music is uniquely woven from their influences into something he’s still in the process of defining. His vocal texture stands out as a mellow tenor with great range, armed with an enchanting falsetto.

His message of honesty, love and purpose gives meaning to his music, and he’s desirous to help people just like him beat the odds against them, like he beat his inferiority complex, and become better for themselves, the people around them, and ultimately the world at large. He’s a God-lover, and he hopes to write a song that will touch millions someday, and with every new release, he’s getting closer…

Follow the journey.