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Diyo Matalo, born March 1992, is a Nigerian Artiste hailing from Adamawa state. He attended the Federal University of technology Minna where he avidly involved himself with music and music groups such as IHN, Soul flame and acts such as MC Adoga, Progen E etc. He has spent most of his time in northern Nigeria attending secondary school in Jos, while residing in major cities including Abuja, Kano and Yola.

Diyo has wild passion for music as well as spoken word poetry and is self-trained allowing himself the unlimitedness of experimenting with art and so far has repeatedly inspired people with his lyrical spoken word delivery and mind reeling truths. With his first mixape, Crowns and Other Fancy Headgears, Diyo has shown his ability to speak to the soul of any listener and continues to inspire people through his music and his singles. He currently resides in Lagos where he is working on another project from home. Diyo loves to read and eat.