Emmanuel Etim

Emmanuel Etim

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Emmanuel Etim is a song writer/recording artist, business executive and content developer. Torchbearer in a family of three, Etim is a native of Akwa Ibom state, owing however his maternal heritage to Cross River, prime states in Nigeria’s oil-rich south-south.

Beginning his musical journey at the age of four in Calabar, Cross River State, Etim’s brand of music has evolved into a definite form over the years as his experiences and interactions with industry colleagues and mentors is reflected in his songwriting, recording and business management. Variables which combine to pass Etim as an exciting musical act, deep lyricist and shrewd business owner.

His experiences on stage have shaped the quiet songwriter into a solid entertainer, glowing performer and energetic act; qualities the best performers world over have beyond pocketfuls. His performances have seen him featuring in major concerts and events across Nigeria. Emmanuel, as he is better known, not only possesses a good spirit, he is a great worshiper in the mold of Donnie Mclurkin and has his heart firmly set toward the art, betraying an impassioned artistic consciousness flawlessly represented in the quality of records he makes.