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Fabian Nwafor is a practising and committed Christian which is evident in the way he carries on with his life and call in music.
Here is a testimony from one of his fans.
“I won’t be amazed if this guy called Fabian explodes massively non-stop through the limelights of Naija gospel music scene and become a phenomenon. I say this not just because the dude can sing, not because he’s got dynamic voice control, not because his voice is distinct recognizable, not because he has a defined style to his vocals…

…but because of my experience working with him on different projects!

Overtime he has proven to be a versatile singer everytime we had to work on different types of radio jingles. He’s done afrobeat, reggae, dancehall, R&B etc for the various jingles we’ve worked on together. He happens to be my favourite if not one of my favourite artistes that’s very good on commercial recordings. I happened to have listened to some of his other unreleased works and I can’t wait for them to debut, especially the remix of ‘Oba’.”



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