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He is a king (Revelations 5:10) and he belongs to the Rock that’s higher than I (Psalm 61:2). So we call him rocksKING.

Very friendly and lovable, meek and teachable, rocksKING is a Nigerian singer, producer and songwriter. Driven by an inner call to do music, he started a choir at his college. He has directed several choirs including the Mighty Mass Choir, FCS Ahmadu Bello University ABU Zaria.

He loved oyibo (Western) music and his earliest songs like You Do All Things Well and Wounded Soldier were completely in english. He had some latin feels like Champion and Give You My Best and an Indian feel like Reflect and Change Me. Even though he can’t eliminate his oyibo feel completely he’s now coming back home with originality in songs like Onye Dika Gi and Nduru (Let Your Glory Fall).

Nathaniel Bassey now inspires him on the calmer side of music, Tim Godfrey on the aggressive side. Other influences include Asa (sensational) and J-moss who’s extremely artistic.

rocksKING’s genre is Afro-ballad. You will hear the sounds of guitars in many of his songs because he plays the guitar. Most of his recordings sound LIVE. And they are so, so massaging to the heart. I can’t say whom rocksKING sounds like. You can be the judge.

rocksKING said that he used to write songs from the head. Recently however, and that he now finds himself waiting patiently to be inspired with songs during prayer or in his dreams. He said he prefers it this way because these inspired songs, for some reasons unknown to him, are far more impactful though simpler.

He’s now the CEO at rocksKING Productions …a voice for kings.