Customers FAQ

I've Paid but no files to download

If you have successfully made payment for an item and monies deducted from your account, Kindly forward to us the copy of the payment receipt sent to your mail alongside the name of artist and name of item paid for.

We’ll sort the issue within 48hrs max.

Why is my download link expired?

Links have a 1 hour lifespan but you can get fresh link on your “My Downloads” page. Please download song(s) immediately after payment.

If you bought the song without registering as a user, you can still get access to all your downloads on our platform by signing up with that particular email you used and then visit “My Downloads” after logging in.

I can't download my songs on a different device, why?

Music download links can only work on the original device you used to purchase the music file(s).

How does Wallet work?

Wallet is an escrow system that you can fund/pay bulk money into for the purpose or funding subsequent transactions/purchases.

This will help cut down the stress of always entering your card details whenever you want to make payment.

Download link not working automatically when I click it

If clicking on the download link does not automatically download the music file, kindly right-click on the link and click “Save As

Can I sell tickets

Yes, as a customer or seller logged in, you can submit your events and sell tickets to your event. Simply visit your menu and click “Sell Event Ticket”.

Commission on Ticket sales

Submitting/Publishing events are free however, we charge a 10% commission on every successful ticket sales

Seller FAQ

How do I manage my store as a vendor?

After successful signup and approval as a vendor/seller, you will automatically gain access to your Vendor’s Dashboard located on your menu.
There you can upload now music, check your earnings, and manage everything about your store

How do I become a seller?

Kindly apply at Spiricoco.com/sell

I can't find my music after editing it, why?

If you edited your post after approval, it will be automatically set to “Pending Approval” and be queued for approval by the quality control unit for consistency.

When & how will I get paid?

We payout every moth between 2nd & 3rd week. However your generated revenue has to be equal or above NGN 5,000.

Remember to fill out your Nigerian bank details here or visit the Profile tab on your vendor’s dashboard page.

How long will it take to approve my songs for sale?

It usually takes 5mins – 24Hrs depending on the time of the day.
If it delays further, kindly reach us via;

  • email at feedback[at]spiricoco[dot]com or
  • message us on Facebook – Facebook.com/Spiricoco or
  • call +234 701 329 9999